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Douglas King bio picture


I am a Seattle lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer. I
am passionate about people and their stories.  I love photographing
people in the context of their lives and events: the details, surroundings
and emotions. I will capture the moments that tell your story through
images of you and your loved ones.

Interested? Let's connect - contact me anytime...

My photographic style

Today I am a passionate photographer of people, events and our surroundings – both a portrait artist and a photojournalist. My goal is to tell your story by creating lovely images that reveal your essence and capture life moments as they occur.

As a portrait artist I make images by using camera angles and your placement in the setting to take advantage of the light and the scene. I modify and supplement light when it’s advantageous for the finished image. With a gentle voice I will direct you, as needed, so you look your best. And as it fits our goals for your portrait, I use my digital darkroom tools to fulfill my original vision.

As a photojournalist the trick is to figure out ahead of time when and where is the best place to be to capture the anticipated moment, and then act as it unfolds, pressing the shutter at the right time.  With experience, intuition leads you where to to be and instinct when to capture the perfect moment.

Do I get it every time? No – but my batting average is pretty darn good. I developed my skills through years of experience in event, sports and wildlife photography. To more fully tell the story, in between those peak moments, I capture images of the setting and close-up details.

My first memory of photography is my parents’ wedding album.

My love of photography blossomed with a Christmas gift of a rangefinder camera when I was about 12. I took it everywhere. I took a photography class as soon as I could in high school and quickly was taking pictures for the annual and newspaper at school events, football and basketball games, swimming and track meets etc.  and in college I again was a newspaper photographer.

10 years ago the digital revolution in photography allowed me to merge a passion for technology with my interest in photography, and I soon found myself deeply immersed in photography again. I photographed nature, friends and family and the events in our lives. Encouraged by the reception my efforts received, seven years ago I began doing photography for magazines and the Web in paddlesports and adventure travel photography .